okay, i'm inspired! how can i participate in moving into light?

it's easy:

  1. simply connect with me. you can use this form, or visit me on facebook, twitter, instagram, or email me.
  2. let's get to know each other. tell me a bit about you - what inspires you, what is your story, what wisdom do you wish to share with other women?
  3. we schedule a date for me to photograph you.
  4. we share your portrait and inspiring words on movingintolight.org
  5. your light inspires other women, and changes the world.

Q: the laws of physics probably won't allow you to photograph every woman in the world, so how can i share my encouragement and wise words on moving into light, if you are not able to meet me in person right now?

here's the amazing part - you can share as much of your own powerful story, beauty, creativity and wisdom as you wish, and inspire women everywhere in the process. there are so many ways to join the conversation, share, support and inspire each other:

  • write or record your message about:
    • what have been the key elements of your moving into light - your transformation?
    • what one piece of heartfelt advice would you give to your own younger self, if you could?
    • what's your dream? what do you wish to do, create, become, share, unfold in this lifetime?
  • send me an email with your message - you can write it, speak it, photograph or video tape it, whatever works for you! i can share it here on this site, to inspire and encourage others.
  • check out the moving into light facebook page, leave a positive message there.
  • tweet your positive message with the #movingintolight hashtag
  • find an organization that supports ending domestic violence in your area - donate time or money.
  • practice listening. sometimes the best way to support one another is to just really hear, you know?
  • check out the moving into light blog. share what moves you. leave a positive message.
  • ah, the miracle of social media. here are a few ways to connect with me:


Q: what if i want to get in touch with you without using social media?

please email me! i'd love to hear from you. just click the little email circle above (the one on on the far right)

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