my name is laura lowery.  i am a photographer. a lover of light, really. and expression. i photograph people whenever i have the opportunity. 

i live (and love) in seattle, washington. i also teach yoga. and work in public relations. 

i was in an abusive relationship for nearly ten years - my entire twenties. then, i gathered my courage and left that relationship when i turned thirty.

healing has been a journey of moving further and further into light.

today, my life is completely different. i spend my mental and emotional energy on creative, heart-fulfilling, mind-expanding projects and people. i enjoy love, peace, laughter, respect and sovereignty. i try to remember to feel gratitude for these blessings every single day. 

you can learn more about me at

what i believe.

i believe intimate partner abuse and violence can happen to anyone.

i believe emotional and verbal abuse are just as serious and damaging as physical violence. abuse is about power and control, and manipulation takes on many forms - including violence and the threat of violence.

i believe we can eliminate intimate partner abuse in our lifetime. (i really do. i imagine myself as an old woman in a rocking chair telling my great-great nieces and nephews about a time when 1 in 4 women in the u.s. experienced abuse at the hands of an intimate partner, and them having a hard time even imagining it. things can change dramatically in less than half a century.)

i believe the way to meet this challenge is with respect, by listening and encouraging each other to voice and share wisdom.

i believe when we share our stories (his-stories and her-stories) there is healing.

i believe speaking truth, from my heart, will help.

i believe listening to other women (and men), and sharing their bravery and beauty in photographs, and in their own words, will help. 

i believe you are more beautiful, wise, and needed than you can imagine.

book project - moving into light

i am working on a book of portraits of women who have this in common: we experienced intimate partner abuse and have come out the other side, not just stronger (we are), not just wiser (we are), but lighter somehow, too.

my hope is that at least one woman will pick up this book filled with portraits of women who have experienced abuse at the hands of an intimate partner, and gotten free, healed, and transformed their lives. i wish for her to feel comforted, inspired, and empowered. to feel the flutter of excited knowing - that she can thrive, too.

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