it can be difficult to discuss. no one wants to be labeled "abused" or "battered" or even a "survivor" of abuse in an intimate partnership. even though it could happen to anyone. it still carries a stigma. palpable and uncomfortable. 

but i think there is a way to give voice to the experience with grace.

a way that is both soft, and fierce. it involves being vulnerable, and brave. it involves claiming, and at the same time releasing what happened "to" us, in order to acknowledge and share the powerful transformation that has taken place "in" us.

sobering statistics tell me i not alone. one in three women on earth today will be abused in her lifetime. in the united states the number is one in four.

just look around. we may be quiet, but we are everywhere.

i'm working on a project, capturing portraits of women, and hopefully also some men. and collecting your wise, inspiring words.

i'd like to meet you. i'd like to hear your story.

i'd like to photograph you. which really means, i'd like to know you.

let's inspire each other.

i hope to hear from you.

laura lowery

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